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PUNGENT STENCH actual beginning was in late 1987 when Alex WANK finished with his former Band CARNAGE and wanted to start with Martin SCHIRENC a new extreme & brutal band. It took them several month to find the right Bassist in Jacek PERKOWSKI and beginning of February 1988 the trio did their first rehearsals together. In the first month of playing the band managed to compose 10 Songs which all became classics and ended up on their first releases.

April 1988 the band recorded their first official release titled „Mucous Secretion“ This was a Rehearsal Demotape which means live recorded at their Rehearsal room, even the vocals!!!  5 Tracks plus an nice Intro out of the movie Evil Dead. This Demotape was released on self copied tapes, copied A4 Cover and handnumbered on 200 pieces.The first 100 on yellow paper, the other 100 on white paper. Back in the tapetrading days the tape got very popular and the band got reactions from all over the world.

With April 1988 the band began to play live starting with 2 shows in Austria followed allready with 3 shows abroad in Poland. Due to Perkowski´s polish connection the band got the possibilitie to play behind the Iron Curtain.

July 1988 first Studio Recordings were made in England at the Birdsong Studios in Worcester. After Wank was as a guest at the Napalm Death mixing of „From Enslavement to Obliteration“ at the Birdsong Studios he immediately booked 2 days for Pungent Stench. The Studio was tiny and probably not the best but for Pungent the very first experience, abroad and with an important musical output in Napalm Death the best reference. The Band recorded & mixed 4 Songs in 1 day once again totally live. Only the vocals were recorded afterwards.
3 out of the 4 Tracks appeared a year later on the 7“ EP „Extreme Deformity“.
But back in 1988 the intentions were to release these recordings professionally with a printed cover and manufactured tapes. But just before the manufacturing process began Pungent got an offer by Nuclear Blast Records! Because of that the Demo Release would have been nonsense so these recordings were not used until to the EP release.

The offer of NBR came from Slatko Dolic, back then Markus Staiger´s right hand and probably his door to all the Underground music around. As Slatko was also heavily into tapetrading and formed beside of NBR Gore Records he got hands on the Reh. Demo and heard about the plans of Pungent and their fellows of Disharmonic Orchestra doing a Split LP together.

In the meantime Pungent played more shows in Austria and in spring 1989 the Band hit the road for a 3 show trip to Switzerland and Germany together with DO. On this short trip the bands played very close to the place were NBR were located and Slatko passed by and offered the bands a deal.

April 1989 Pungent went to the Masterplan Studios at Hildesheim, Germany where Staiger had a deal with the Owner who was very dubious, more on this later. As both bands had enough material the Studio got booked for April 1989 and Pungent recorded & mixed once again in 2 days 7 Songs live with Vocal and Guitar Solo overdubs!!! 5 of these Songs were used for their side of the Split LP, the remaining 2 were used for the „Pleasures in life“ Compilation released by NBR too.

June 1989 the Split LP was released and got great feedback in the Underground. The bigger Medias of course ignored the release or wrote really bad critics. Neverless this release was an very important step for the band and got them world wide recognition.

As NBR soon wanted to release something again Pungent gave them the recordings from England from which 3 Songs were used for the „Extreme Deformity“ EP released in September 1989. As the band sent the one & only original tape to Staiger and didn´t make a safety copy of course it never got returned and the 4th song is lost forever. The Recording tapes didn´t exist anymore because the band couldn´t afford buying them so the studio erased the recordings and used them again for another production. Not a Low Budget Production, it was a NO Budget Production. It was the song „Rip you without care“ which was allready recorded before for the Reh. Demo and was recorded later again for FGYS. Still the spirit of the Birdsong Studio Recording was special and lost forever.

February 1990 recordings for their first Longplayer „For God your Soul“ took place once again at the Masterplan Studios at Hildesheim. This time the quality of the Studio got much better, the owner moved to a different place, big recording room, better mixing desk etc. The owner turned out to be a fucker but that is a different story which will be told to a later point.

For the first time there was SCHWARZENEGGER involved in the recording process, a long time friend of the band and their Soundguy at Liveshows. Again the Band recorded the basic tracks live and did only Vocals and Sologuitar overdubs. „For God your Soul – for me your Flesh“ was released in April 1990  first only on Vinyl and later in the year also as CD version including 10 Bonus Tracks. The Bonustracks consisted of the 5 Songs of the Split LP, 2 Songs of the Split LP recording session which landed on the „Pleasures in life“ Compilation and 3 Songs of the „Extreme Deformity“ 7“ EP.

The release was supported with several shows on a Festivaltour Alex Krull of Atrocity organized. Godflesh, who supposed tob e on that bill, had to cancel and were replaced by Pungent. The Billing was a who is who in the young & fresh Death Metal Scene back then: Carcass, Entombed, Atrocity, Disharmonic Orchestra and Pungent Stench. A month later Carcass & Atrocity continued with their European Tour titled „Symphonies of blue blood“. On this tour Wank organized the Vienna show but didt want to play with Pungent simply cause he didn´t want to play too often in their hometown but joined on the 2 following shows in the Eastern block, Ostrava/Czech Republic and Dresden/East Germany. Two impressive and great shows for an hungry audience.

Autumn 1990 Pungent Stench real European Tour started. This Tour which was set in November/December was booked by Wank himself due to zero interest of back then very few agencies. As Co Headliner Wank suggested Speckman a double bill of his 2 projects Master/Abomination. Abomination opened the show followed by Pungent and closed with a Master Set. The so called „Fleisch Tour“ was set over 6 weeks all over Europe. Pungent Stench got their audience and celebrated first success. At the end of the tour there was quarrel with the manager of Speckman and their Drummer Aaron.

The first step was done and Europe was taken by storm.

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