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1985   First humble beginnings, Wank is getting a drumkit of a Bassist guy who is looking for a drummer. The only „problem“ Wank never played before! First musical activities under different project names, Black Funeral, Angel of Death but nothing really was achieved.
1986   Wank and that Bassist join forces with a guitarist and a vocalist and form CARNAGE.
In the same year the 4 record their first Demo Tape in a professional Studio but are so unsatisfied that these recordings never see the light of day.
1987   First shows are happening in Vienna and Munich with Broken Bones, Sors Immanis… another guitarist is joining for the live shows as a session guitarist, Schirenc
1987 Oct. Fall 87 Wank finishes with CARNAGE and talks with Schirenc about a new project
1988 Feb First rehearsals with Bassist Perkowski took place, Pungent Stench as a Band is born
1988 April Recordings for their first Release the Rehearsal Demo „Mucous Secretion“
1988 April First live shows in Austria
1988   First shows outside Austria took place, in Poland to be precise
1988 July First Studio recordings at Birdsong Studios in England for their never to be released Studio Demotape
1989 March Shows abroad incl. record deal offer by NBR
1989 April Recordings for the Split LP in Hildesheim, Germany
1989 June Release of the Split LP
1989 Sep. September release of the 7“ EP „Extreme Deformity“ which consists of the never released Studio Demotape from England
1990 Feb. Recordings Sessions for their first Lonplayer „For God your Soul“ take place once again in Hildesheim, Germany
1990 April Release of „For God your Soul“ on Nuclear Blast Records on LP, later on on CD with 10 Bonus Songs consisting of 5 tracks of the Split LP, 2 more tracks from the same recording session used for the NBR Comp. „The Pleasures in Life“ and the 3 Songs from the 7“ „Extreme Deformity“
1990 Juni Festivaltour as replacement for Godflesh with Carcass, Entombed, Atrocity, Disharmonic Orchestra in France & Germany
1990 Juli Several Support Shows for Carcass on their "Symphonies of Sickness" Tour in back then Czechoslovakia and East Germany.
1990 Nov.
First European Tour together with Master & Abomination

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